24 06, 2011

Beacon Technologies Through the Eyes of an Intern – Week 6

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This week was a fun week.  I got the opportunity to learn some things that I was not familiar with and then got to put what I learned into practice.  I learned how to create SEO landing pages.  Basically these pages serve the purpose of helping a website rank for keywords that are important to the website.  This is turn helps the page to appear higher in search results.  Making and editing these pages is not the most fun task, but it is a good skill to have.  I think I spent probably around four hours learning how to do this and then actually working on them.  All-in-all, I would say it was a good experience.  I learned some information on effectively creating title tags, meta descriptions, and page content.  These are skills that will help me even outside of SEO work.  I had to think about getting my message across in a short message and efficiently say what I am trying to say in that short message.  This is a valuable skill to have.

Another thing I did this week was to learn a lot about Twitter and how to utilize it.  One of the clients I am working with is focusing a lot on social media and trying to increase its presence and better communicate with whom it is connected.  One of the things fun things with this client is that I am getting to learn more about Twitter and then share that information as well as help manage the Twitter account.  Some of the things I’ve been working on are optimizing whom the client follows as well as helping with communicating to the client’s followers.  I have been looking over some of the tweets that the client sees and retweeting them to the client’s followers as well as a few other related tasks.

Aside from that, there were the usual meetings/brainstorming sessions.  These are great because I get to learn more about SEO and different methods and tools.  Another thing I did this week was start to conceptualize a layout for a monthly newsletter for a client.  I really like to do things like that because it allows me to be more creative.  I don’t really have great drawing talent so it looks pretty rough on the piece of notebook paper that I hashed it out on, but it gets the job done.  I guess the next step is to practice using Photoshop to work on my graphic editing skills and also using Dreamweaver to compile the newsletter since it will be sent out in HTML.

12 12, 2009

Best PPC Call to Action Keywords

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Call to action

What are the best call to action keywords? Of course, the real answer is that you will need to do your own testing to find out what works best for you.  But where to start? What are some good CTA’s I can use to begin testing with after I figured out how to write a Google ad? Click here.

Fortunately, MSN has released some helpful data. Back in 2006, a microsoft research team lurked around and came up with a list of keywords that were proven to improve click through rates. They also provided a listing of keywords that did not.



    Best Call-to-Action Phrases

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    Not so Good Call-to-Action Phrases

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I’m surprised that this information is not talked about more in ppc blogs. MSN has been very forthcoming with their adCenter data. Their blog provides extremely helpful pay-per-click info that is backed up by adCenter research analysis.
















In upcoming days, I’ll post about where to place your keywords in your ad text and why are those Amish fireplace ads so successful?