Zedric Myers

jQuery Circular Image Gallery

There are a lot of great jQuery galleries to choose from, but the “ROUNDRR” plugin stands out as a circular gallery. If you’re looking for great circular plugin, this one of the better ones. This particular plugin has several different customizations, as well. In the provided link below, it has examples of each customization and [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

A jQuery Plugin to Validate Checkbox or Radio Button Sets

There are many form validations available to use and each has their own unique features. If you have ever needed to validate checkbox or radio button sets this jQuery validation plugin can do just that. For instance, it can verify that at least two checkboxes must be checked. This jQuery plugin goes beyond that option [...] read more »

Zedric Myers

DataTables with ListNav Integration

DataTables is a great jQuery plug-in if your site needs table integration with options. Once you have your data ready for this functionality, you can setup the integration fairly quick. For more advanced options it just takes a little more time to get what you are looking to achieve. There are configurable options such as [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

The Redesign Bug

We recently launched the Beacon site with a new design which included a handful of jQuery animation, many of which had replaced the the previous design’s Flash-intensive content. We have recently come across an issue with the jQuery library with some builds of IE7 and IE8 that resulted in an extensive trail of debugging. We [...] read more »

Keana Lynch

The Benefits of Using jQuery

Recently I have had the opportunity to make really exciting and interactive web pages using jQuery. Before working on these projects I had very little understanding of jQuery and what all it could be used for. So I decided to do some research on what the benefits are of using jQuery over other applications such [...] read more »