16 11, 2012

GIF wins Oxford’s ‘Word of the Year’

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I really was looking for some nice serious techie news to blog about today, but this article was just too irresistible to ignore: GIF wins Oxford’s ‘Word of the Year’.  Despite the hilarious sub-title “JPG and PNG decline to comment“, I really did learn a lot  in the guts of the article.  For example, I didn’t realize that our friend the “GIF” (graphic interchange format) has been around for 25 years (almost as long as me!) and that nearly every Internet browser ever made supports it (and believe me, that’s A LOT of programs, cause we test our sites in most of them).  The acronym has also evolved from a noun to a verb (“Most recently many media outlets were live-GIFing the 2012 presidential  debates.”).  According to the article “it’s the easiest way to share a quick animation.”

30 09, 2010

Best Designs…

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Have you ever visited this site? The Best Designs

I have been going to this site for years and I am constantly impressed by the creative ideas that are being developed into websites across the globe.

I am artistically and graphically challenged for sure.  One of my brothers is an exceptional artist and designer but I missed out on those genes.  Since I am limited artistically I use The Best Designs site to discuss and share ideas with clients/prospects.  It is an excellent site to get a sense of the taste and expectations for a client/prospect.

We have an excellent graphic design team here at Beacon.   Our lead designers are exceptionally creative, talented and work very hard to stay up on all the latest trends!!

One recent site that we completed last month that is getting a great response is Framingham State University.  The client loves it.  I have received several calls and emails from friends and clients that think this site is excellent.

We also recently launched a redesign for our long time client, Texas A&M Foundation.  Check out their site!!

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