3 12, 2010

How to Increase Conversions for E-commerce Websites

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Having great products does not always ensure that they will sell on a websites.  Listed below are some best practices to  guide your visitors in the right direction.  Remember that your e-commerce site is not an online catalog, but rather a place for visitors to learn more about your company and to engage with your products  interactively.  In order for any company  to sell merchandise or a concept on the web, demonstrating credibility and earning trust are absolutely essential.  Visitors are most comfortable when they believe asite is secure and/or offers an excellent warranty; therefore, such information should be highly visible.Building trust from better known brands through testimonials and such are also effective measures and make visitors feel that much safer..   For most e-commerce websites, the three most important types of pages are the homepage, the category pages, and the product detail page.

Best Practices for the Homepage

  • Remember: the primary purpose of your homepage is to provide a means for visitors to navigate themselves.
  • Do not develop the entire site in flash.
  • Do not provide too many choices for customers.
  • Do not bog crowd the page with too many promotions that distract visitors, and  do not make the primary focus rely too heavily on one product’s promotion if the company carries several lines. This advice is to prevent visitors from becoming confused and/or distracted; consequently, they may neglect to view the full line of products and such. A good example would involve sales of clothing for the entire family, but having only one image of boys’ jeans listed on sale. Better conversions would occur if new new visitors could easily identify that the product line extends beyond boys’ denim; the visitor can find items for the entire family.

Best Practices for the Category Pages

  • People tend to process images seven times faster than they do words, so use images to divide your categories or different product lines within your categories.
  • Try not to place  too much content on these pages; save it for the product detail pages.

Best Practices for the Product Detail Pages

  • Make sure there is a clear call to action.
  • Provide enough detail for customers to feel comfortable about purchasing products on the spot.
  • Use high quality images
  • Take advantage of social pushes (the Facebook “like” buttons, a share button, etc) to move items infectiously by gaining exposure with large numbers of viewers.
  • Though users are more comfortable using their scroll bars, 76% of all clicks are still above the fold; therefore, make sure to position major calls to action above the fold.
9 12, 2008

E-commerce in a failing economy

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While retail is suffering here in the United States and the general economic outlook is bleak (at best) there are some bright spots. E-commerce is experiencing huge growth right now and with due cause.

Think about your own experiences of late, you tend to look for bargains, generic margin rather than expensive name brand butter substitute, a new cotton blouse from the sale rack, GAS as the one station in town still under $4.00 per.

But where better to do your bargain hunting than online? Do you know about gas buddy? This site will help you find cheaper gas: http://www.gasbuddy.com/ How about www.Overstock.com/ ? They may not always have what you are looking for, but if you browse their “e-isles” you’re sure to find at least one bargain. Or why not shop the entire internet at once? Google offers suggestions for products at the top of each page (see SHOPPING), or to really refine your shopping check out some of the shopping engines like Shopzilla.com.

Sites like Shopzilla not only find you the best prices they provide ratings from other customers, watch out for those with frowny faces, so, as a business person how can you take advantage and get noticed by all these myriad listing services? Well, you need lots of time to devote to optimizing your e-commerce website, (if you already have one). You’ll need to figure out exactly what potential customers are typing when they are looking for products you want to sell. You need to find out what you competition does in order to rank well, you’ll need to use a managed approach to paid ads, and you’ll need to feed all your data to the shopping engines daily.

Done well, this can easily turn into a full time job in itself, and the old adage of anything worth doing is worth doing well holds true here, if you aren’t willing to invest a lot of time then hire it done. Look for examples of e-commerce similar to yours and find out who does their Search Engine Management. Is the company you are hiring certified, and by whom?

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