21 12, 2010

Great 3rd party software for LANL…perhaps!!!

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I have been spending a good bit of time the past couple of months consulting Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) on several web initiatives.  We just completed a web design project for them and we are now starting a project that will require the integration of many 3rd party applications.  One of the features we are reviewing is a Timeline solution that will be part of their ‘Virtual Exhibits’.  We are very early in the evaluation process and starting with a review of Dipity Software, www.dipity.com.  After 15 minutes it seems that Dipity is a very promising solution.  It is extremely easy to use and allows for very quick creation of interactive functionality.  If I was able to complete this example below in literally 15 minutes then it must be quite easy to use.  It remains to be seen if it will meet all of our client’s required functionality but good start. Check out this software if you want to consider a new way to present information on your website.  The example below is defaulting to ‘Timeline’ view but select ‘Flipbook’ (top left navigation) to see an alternate presentation.

Check this out: