Luke Pajer

How to Export your Google Data Studio Report to PDF

Google Data Studio is a great tool for those who need frequent, consistent and timely reporting, but there is an important feature currently unavailable in Data Studio — “PDF exporting.”  But do not fret, my fellow Google Data Studio users. There is a way to take that multi-page Data Studio report and export it as [...] read more »

Mark Dirks

WFU Selects Beacon to Teach Graduate Level Analytics Course

Last year, when I discovered that Wake Forest’s Business School was starting a Master’s Program in Business Analytics (MSBA), I had to see how I could help. After all, it’s my alma mater AND analytics – two of my favorite things! So I was thrilled when our many discussions and planning sessions led to Wake [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

How To Use Annotations in Google Analytics

Picture this: you’re checking out your website data in Google Analytics, and decide to look at your monthly traffic year-over-year. You see a huge spike in traffic on a single day last year, but you aren’t quite sure what caused it. Were you running a special that day? Perhaps a new TV commercial aired? Or [...] read more »

Ashley Agee

How to Track Adwords Sitelink Extensions

Do you use sitelink extensions in your Google Adwords Account? If so, how do you track how they are doing in Google Analytics? Did you know they are not automatically tagged like ads are and therefore in order to see their performance in GA, you have to do a couple things different with them? Here are the [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Google Analytics Event Tracking in a Template File

Ever had an issue where you want to track unique events (or virtual pageviews) within Google Analytics from a template file?  For example, on an e-commerce site, you may have a series of product pages that use the same ‘add to cart’ button from either an include file or some kind of reusable wrapper.  You may [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Linking out for Quality, Credibility, and Salience

Linking out sometimes gets the short shrift to conserve PageRank to internal links. But linking out can give your web page something that is important to the search engines. The appearance of a page’s quality, credibility and salience. Two quotes that back up this claim: “In the same way that Google trusts sites less when [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Beacon Technologies Through the Eyes of an Intern – Week 10

Well sadly, this is my last blog post at Beacon.  It’s been a great 10 weeks.  I really have enjoyed my time here.  Looking back, I can’t think of anything negative to say about my experience.  I want to take the chance to kind of do a recap of my time here. When I came [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Understanding the GA Tracking Custom Variables

School may be out for the summer, but it is back to the basics this week for our Beacon blog!  Since many of our customers are unfamiliar with all of the tracking capabilities Google Analytics provides, I thought it would be a good idea to differentiate the tracking custom variable options. Custom variables are small [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

The Goal Match Type Options for Google Analytics

If you have been confidently and accurately tracking goals within Google Analytics consider this post review.  However, due to the large number of questions our firm receives from companies in the area, I thought it would be a good idea to have this in our company blog. Back to Basics There are three different match [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Conversion Tracking for Facebook Social Ads

Finally! This great new feature is still in beta but it is exactly what Facebook marketers have been waiting for. Soon all of us will be able to track activity that happens on our websites as a result of someone on Facebook seeing or clicking on our Ads. Conversion tracking helps us see the whole [...] read more »