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Keana Lynch

Top 5 Accessibility Items to Review in a Website Redesign

Accessibility is a hot topic and an expansive one, too. I’ve been preparing for some upcoming speaking engagements with accessibility being the main focus. The first of these engagements is the eduWeb Digital Summit on August 6-10. This seems like a good time to share some thoughts regarding accessibility, WCAG guidelines and 508 compliance. Additionally, [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Subdomain Tracking for Higher Education Websites- Universal Analytics

One of the most common issues we see with Higher Education Google Analytics configurations is incomplete tracking across all subdomains. Because colleges and universities often have different departments or interest groups run by different decision-makers, it is incredibly common to see multiple subdomains created to cater to these individual topics; think: athletics.myuniversity.edu, or admissions.myuniversity.edu. More [...] read more »

Gus Kroustalis

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls During a Redesign

When redesigning a website the focus tends to be centered on overhauling the aesthetic appearance. The goal tends to revolve around developing a modern-day look that delivers great user experience, and rightly so. However, while working with colleges and universities throughout the country, we have found that many client-defined project scopes routinely overlook important steps [...] read more »

Gus Kroustalis

Multiple Department Higher Ed Analytics Setup

Are you a Higher Education institution who is concerned about: What visitors are doing/looking for on your site? Looking at analytics by a department and/or field of study? Having multiple stakeholders view Analytics for one or more departments ONLY? How to better organize your Google Analytics account? If you answered yes to one or all [...] read more »

Jordan Lowry

Higher Ed SEO Tips to Power Up Online Visibility

Higher education institutions are beginning to realize the true value of SEO management services. Unfortunately, the SEO landscape is volatile and ever changing. However, there are some best practices which have been fairly consistent over the last couple of years. We believe that these best practices will continue to be relevant throughout 2016 and work [...] read more »

Gus Kroustalis

Google Analytics for Higher Ed – Audience Segmentation

Higher education websites face a difficult challenge that websites in many other industries do not have to endure: Catering to a handful of audiences with one website. The typical list of audiences that frequent a university or college website includes: Prospective Students: The most critical audience for higher education websites, especially considering the impact of [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Top Ten Ways to Prepare for Your Higher Ed Website Redesign

After recent experience with several higher education website redesigns, I’ve come up with a list of the top ten ways that you, as a higher education client, can prepare for an upcoming website redesign project.  Though these items aren’t technically required right at the beginning of a redesign project, they are all eventually needed and the [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Google Analytics for Colleges and Universities

How would you like to be able to tell exactly how many prospects you have at your defined admissions cycle steps? How about seeing your abandonment rates between steps in the admissions funnel? How about what sources or efforts are actually driving applications? How about sources that are actually driving actual enrollments? What patterns of [...] read more »