9 03, 2012

How to find Your Images on Pinterest

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Ever wonder how to find out what images have been “pinned” from your website onto Pinterest? Well I’ve got just what you need.  I’m going to use a well known Furniture company called Bassett Furniture for my example.

Here is the url you need and for it to work for your site just replace bassettfurniture.com with your domain.


Find your images on pinterest

The image above is an example of some of the images that are pinned from bassettfurniture.com and you can see who has pinned them. I recommend that every company be checking to see what’s been pinned and what people are saying about the products. Not only can you get great marketing ideas from what people are saying but you also can comment on any negative posts so that people know you are aware of a problem and are trying to fix it.

Do you have a Pinterest account? What are somethings you love about Pinterest?

8 07, 2011

Beacon Technologies Through the Eyes of an Intern – Week 8

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Eight weeks down, two more to go.  The past two months have really gone by quickly.  I spent some time today reflecting back and what all I have done and learned so far here at Beacon.  I’ve learned a lot, but I realize that there is still a lot I don’t know.  Since this week was the start of a new month, I spent a lot of time this week working on transitioning the accounts I was working on to other members of the WMS team.  This involved some meeting time and talking about what I had been doing, what I planned to do, and what steps could come next.  The other major thing I did this week was to compile monthly reports for the clients I had been covering.  Like I mentioned a few weeks back, that’s not the most glamorous task but it’s really not so bad.  I found it very rewarding to see growth in the clients I covered and to see things I had done start to show results.

The other big thing I did this week was to sit down and map out a final two week plan to help market Beacon itself.  I’m excited to be getting into this since my background from undergrad is marketing.  Some of the things I am going to be doing involve PPC campaigns, setting up various tracking measures, creating possible promotions, and a few other ideas.  This will be fun.

On a side note, I have been doing a lot of work with social media for several clients as well as for Beacon, and the more involved I get, the more I learn.  I’ve always been comfortable with Facebook, but I never really have had much exposure to outlets such as blogs, Twitter, and Foursquare.  That has changed during my time at Beacon.  I’ve learned how to utilize various outlets to accomplish different tasks.  For instance, I’ve learned that using Twitter can be very valuable for interacting with customers and is a great tool for promotional contests.  Another thing I learned is that Foursquare, which is a location based check-in service, is great for driving foot traffic into a business.  The way that is done is by first setting a location for the business within Foursquare.  Then you can set up options where special offers will pop up on someone’s cell phone if they are running the Foursquare app and they are within a specified geographical area of your business’s location.

The final thing I want to talk about relates to social media as well.  The “new kid on the block” is Google+.  I was able to get an invite to join Google+ today.  For those who are unfamiliar with Google+, it basically is a social media outlet similar to Facebook.  There are subtle differences between the two that I have observed, but overall it seems to be more or less the same.  The concept is almost the same as Facebook, and the only real differences at the moment are that Google+ calls features by different names than they are called within Facebook.  I’m not entirely sure if it’s something I’ll stay with but I’m willing to give it the “old college try.”

21 06, 2011

An Inspiring Partnership

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As a sales professional, I’ve long been told about the importance of listening.  There is a seemingly endless list of cliches that are overused to instill this mantra.  I get it and do my best every day to practice it.  With out listening to the prospect/client needs, you can not possibly provide them with the right solution.  It makes sense.

I bring this up, because Beacon is a relationship based business whose success is critically dependent upon client interaction and listening.  We are lucky to have many successful client relationships, but I wanted to use this blog post to highlight Dusty Staub of Staub Leadership International.

Staub Leadership is a long time Beacon client who has worked with us across all of our service offerings, including: web development, managed hosting and web marketing.  They provide leadership coaching to  individuals, teams and organizations in the form of workshops, keynote speeches, webinars, books and other published works.   When Dusty and his team speak – people listen.

So when Dusty came in last week for a regular strategy meeting to discuss how his business can benefit by sharing his nuggets of wisdom with the masses via Twitter, there was a lot of listening going on.  Dusty spoke about his strategic plan for his business and we offered a web marketing road map for getting there.  When Dusty speaks, he can’t help but talk ‘shop’ and as he does it is impossible not to be inspired.

As we interact, great ideas are shared and the energy builds.  By the end of the meeting @Staubleadership had already begun tweeting from his newly installed Twitter for iPhone App and has great plans for keeping you in the know about his regular strokes of genius, trips, books, articles, events, etc.

This level of client interaction and face to face collaboration is why I joined Beacon.  Staub is a great example of how a client relationship can be mutually beneficial.  So thank you Staub for the years of patronage and inspiration.  We enjoy working with you and there is no doubt that not only you, but the entire ‘Twittersphere’ will benefit from your new presence.

If you are interested in learning more about how Beacon’s approach to social media can help grow your business, please give a call – we are here to help.

17 06, 2011

Beacon Technologies Through the Eyes of an Intern – Week 5

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Well this post marks the half-way point of my experience with Beacon.  Looking back at the past 5 weeks, I can tell that I have learned a lot from the people here.  I’ve done a variety of tasks from compiling monthly reports to writing ad copy for PPC campaigns.  I know that I have a lot to learn still, and that even the things I do know how to do are only on a basic level.  Looking forward to the next 5 weeks, I am excited to be getting involved in some of the projects and tasks to come.  There is still a lot that I will be learning.  A quick look ahead to what I will be doing includes marketing Beacon, writing a pseudo case study on social media, and a few other things.

To recap this week, it was another successful week.  I was able to accomplish more than I did last week.  Thankfully the Google Guitar was gone and nothing similar took its place.  One of the main things I did this week was a web health analysis for a client.  I got a list of a few competitors from the client and then compared them all on a range of metrics such as page rank, number of links to the page from outside sources, average number of monthly visitors, keyword rankings, and other SEO related areas.  This took me a little longer to finish up than I thought it would.  I think the main reason for that was that I was not entirely sure if all the information I was putting into the report was correct at first.  I also learned the lesson that it is better to wait for the client to give you a list of whom they want to compare against than to assume what companies are on that list.  Fortunately I hadn’t really started on the report when I got confirmation of the competitors for the client.

The other main task of the week was to keep monitoring various metrics for my clients.  I spend much of my time looking at GA and AdWords to see where things may need to be tweaked to improve results.  I also had the standard weekly meeting.  There were a handful of other meetings that I was able to participate in as well this week.  I got to sit-in on a few conference calls with clients I am working on and ones that I will be helping out with for a handful of hours.  I met with the president of Beacon and another member of the WMS team to brainstorm some marketing strategies for Beacon.  This was fun for me.  That is an area that I enjoy and feel very comfortable with what I am doing and saying.  I may not have a great deal of work experience in the marketing field, but I have a large amount of experience through coursework in undergrad and as part of the MBA program at the Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNC-Greensboro.  The final task of the week was a client meeting.  One of the main focuses of the meeting was Social Media.  This is a topic that I feel confident with as I have been a part of the growth and development of Social Media for the better part of seven or eight years.

10 06, 2011

Beacon Technologies Through the Eyes of an Intern – Week 4

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This week has gone well.  Along with the weekly meeting, I was able to participate in a couple other meetings.  One was with a client I am working on.  It was a standard “checking in” type of meeting.  I was able to hear some ideas the client would like to see worked on in the near future.  As part of that discussion, I was able to view some work for other clients that I was unaware of, and that gave me some good ideas for some things that I may try to bring up with some of my other clients that could potentially use the same type of feature on their website.  I also sat in on a brief training session on a tool for unifying social media efforts.  Hootsuite allows you manage social media updates and accounts from a centralized location.  You can connect Facebook and Twitter and monitor activity on each as well as schedule updates to release when you want rather than right at the moment you type them up.

As far as the type of work I did this week, I mostly worked on finishing up monthly reports and then getting them sent out.  Once that was finished, I switched over to working on keyword discovery.  I spent some time learning how to find new keywords as well as learning how to see how websites rank for keywords that they are targeting versus not targeting.  I did this for a couple clients and that gave me a chance to approach it from different perspectives.  The other thing I did in relation to keywords was to try to determine how difficult it would be to rank for keywords based on the current content of the website and the amount of competition for the keyword.  This was interesting because I was not aware of what all goes into determining how a website ranks for a keyword.  Some of the areas that are important, they are kind of common sense ideas, are having the keyword appear in the text of the URL, the title of the page, and/or the content of the page.

In closing, my productivity this week fought a long battle with my ability to be distracted and my ability to be amused by simple things.  I blame Google for this.  As most people are likely aware by now, Google created a special logo to honor Les Paul’s 96th birthday.  The logo was a playable guitar that even let people record short songs if they were in the US.  Google kept the logo up today, Friday, even though Les Paul’s birthday was Thursday.  This is by far the best Google logo I have seen.  The second best was the playable version of Pac-man.  I did manage to get several tasks completed this week, but I also managed to rock out from time to time.  While I am not an overly talented Google guitarist, I did manage to find several YouTube videos of people who are good.  Just head over to Google and search “Google guitar” and you should be able to find them.

21 04, 2011

The Younger Generation and Mobile Device Addiction

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I took a  look back in history from when the telephone first arrived to the mobile devices of today.  Making communication easy spawns an addiction to the facilitating platform and an addiction to it will always will be rampant among the young.





“The telephone has been accepted without hesitation by the younger generation, but it has suggested uneasy questions to older persons who have not been accustomed to it all their lives.” -1903

1903 – “It’s Appalling”- Phone accepted without hesitation by younger generation

1948 – The teenagers have tied up telephone communications

1963 – Telephonitis is a disease of adolescence

1972 – For six years my son ate, slept and lived in a small phone booth

1989 – Younger generation has phone addiction!

2009 – Too Much Texting Taking a Toll on Teenagers

2011- Young generation addicted to mobile phones

What are we in for next?

Click here to see.

The rise in popularity of Facebook has similarities.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that:

“In fact, in some ways Facebook is like a telephone conversation, with all your friends on the same call. But on this call, your friends can share photos, text, political summons to action, video, and music, or can click to make purchases.”

11 04, 2011

Basic Blogging Checklist

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One of my duties here at Beacon is to manage this blog. I’m lucky enough to work with a talented group of people that contribute insightful and informative posts on a regular basis so handling this blog has been a fun experience. It’s nice that all our authors are tech savvy and have a firm understanding on how to post. However, there are many company blogs out there authored by individuals in all kinds of industries with varying blog writing experience. I put together a very simple checklist that takes blog contributors through the three stages of writing a post; Before Writing, Before Posting, and After Posting.

I’d like to share this checklist with you and open up a discussion. Have I thought of everything or are there more steps that could make this checklist better? Please share your ideas and comments!

11 04, 2011

The New +1 Google Button

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Get ready everyone because having a +1 is no longer just for party RSVP’s.  Recently, Google launched their new +1 button on Google search to allow users who are fans of your business to click to recommend your paid ads for all of their friends and contacts to see.  This feature, which to me is their attempt to one-up Facebook’s like button, has already started popping up, and will continue to increase in visibility over the next few weeks.  In order to see the +1’s attached to the organic listings and paid ads, you must be signed-in to Google and not using IE7 or any earlier version of IE.

This popularity feature is the next step that Google is taking to help their searchers see more relevant results, while helping businesses continue to gain better qualified traffic.  And, it doesn’t end with paid ads because soon you will have the option to include these +1 buttons to your website’s pages to make it even easier for people to approve and validate your content.  This personal annotation of “+1’ing” something is the next step since Google opening admitted to using data from social services, such as Twitter and Flickr, as signals in organic search rankings.

So far, Google says that quality score and ad rankings will not be impacted by the +1’s.  Hopefully the buttons will contribute to better click-through rate for paid ads since the personal annotations will increase user confidence to click on the ads if their friends, family, and colleagues already approve.  You will also be able to track the number of +1’s your campaigns are getting within the Adwords interface.

To sign up for email updates with more information about this button go to http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1button.

29 10, 2010

How to Get More From Corporate Blogs

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I came across this article on corporate blogs, which I found very interesting.  In today’s corporate environment, reaching customers through social media venues has become a prominent communication tool, and therefore, a big part of the strategic communication plans of most companies. So the question is – how to get more out of corporate blogs – I especially like the 2nd to last point! What do you think?


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