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Keana Lynch

Top 5 Accessibility Items to Review in a Website Redesign

Accessibility is a hot topic and an expansive one, too. I’ve been preparing for some upcoming speaking engagements with accessibility being the main focus. The first of these engagements is the eduWeb Digital Summit on August 6-10. This seems like a good time to share some thoughts regarding accessibility, WCAG guidelines and 508 compliance. Additionally, [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

What is UX and Why Does it Matter for Your Customers?

User experience (or UX) can be a little difficult to define because it describes not only a professional practice but also the results of that practice. The concepts behind user experience have been around for a very long time but the term itself has only been around since the 90s. In the mid 20th century [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

The Ripple Effect in the Design Process

When I learned to paint, my teacher would always emphasize the importance of working the entire canvas at the same time. A lot of people have the natural inclination to zero in on the small area they are currently working on, and really develop it before working out to the rest of the piece. The [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Placeholder Images – The easy button

Ever hate having to find various stock or other imagery to fill in example image placeholders in earlier design/development stages? The easy button has arrived! – No more saving and moving and uploading. In fact if the size changes you will never even open up image editing software! All you have to do [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

More Free Social Vector Icons! (flat icon set)

This is a new set to go along with: Free Responsive Web Design (RWD), HTML5 and CSS3 Vector Logos Free Social Media Vector Icon Set You can download this set by right clicking on the below preview and using ‘Save Image As’. This icon set includes the following flat icons: Khan Academy Aim Quora Kickstarter [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Redesigning Without Frustrating Your Users

Your users rely on your website to get things done. They are used to doing it a certain way. So when things change, people get frustrated. Nevertheless, change is necessary. So the job of your web design and development team is to try to make the changes go over as smoothly as possible. Communicate with [...] read more »

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Considering Drawer Style Site Navigation

Lately we have been utilizing a drawer style navigation in our designs to provide a better user experience in our websites. The request for quite a bit of content in the drop downs themselves (mega drop downs that span the full width of the site no matter which tab you have clicked) in some of [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

GIF wins Oxford’s ‘Word of the Year’

I really was looking for some nice serious techie news to blog about today, but this article was just too irresistible to ignore: GIF wins Oxford’s ‘Word of the Year’.  Despite the hilarious sub-title “JPG and PNG decline to comment“, I really did learn a lot  in the guts of the article.  For example, I didn’t realize that our [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

On Hover Alternatives for Touch Devices

Even though touch screen devices make up only a small fraction of users that visit your site, the number of these devices hitting your site is only going to increase. This doesn’t just include mobile devices, but also tablets that are being served a full site version. Your site should take this into account and [...] read more »

Beacon Buddy

Free Social Media Vector Icon Set (including pinterest and google plus!)

First I would like to say I am a Web Developer here at Beacon so Design is not my specialty. However, I’ve gradually been getting annoyed by the round corners that are on most social icons. I think there is always the ‘too much’ factor and for me I’ve been given too much round icons. [...] read more »