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Zedric Myers, Senior Lead UI Developer
Senior Lead UI Developer

Zedric joined Beacon in 2011 and is a Senior Lead UI Developer for Beacon Technologies. After earning his degree in Advertising and Graphic Design, he spent 11 years with an advertising agency in Greensboro, NC where he was initially hired as a designer and transitioned to being a Web Developer.

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Background Parallax Image Fix in Sliders or Content

By Zedric Myers | June 4, 2019

If your project requires parallax background images, you’ll want to keep this note in mind. If your slider or content area that the parallax resides in has a 3D transform attached, you’ll want to remove that code for the background parallax image to properly work.

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Font Awesome 5 Custom CSS Icon Style Requirement

By Zedric Myers | May 7, 2019

This is just a quick helpful how to tip for Font Awesome 5 custom CSS icon fonts. When adding your own custom styling to the fonts, be sure to add a font-weight: 900 style. This will allow the icon to properly show on the page. Otherwise, you may get an empty icon placeholder in the web browser.

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