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John Wallwork, Lead Software/DB Engineer
Lead Software/DB Engineer

John Wallwork is a Lead Software/DB Engineer. He has a BS in Chemistry and has taken graduate courses in chemistry and computer science at NC State University. John has over 16 years of IT experience and has the following software skills: VB, ASP, .NET, C, C++, XML, Delphi, SQL, Crystal Reports, VMS, Unix, MS Access, SQL Server

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Notes from the field.

By John Wallwork | February 7, 2011

I attended a Webinar hosted by Vortx recently and had a chance to learn a few things that can affect conversions of shoppers.

Caught with the Hand in the Cookie Jar?

By John Wallwork | February 4, 2011

There’s in interesting war of words going on between Microsoft and Google regarding search. An article at Search Engine Land alleging that Microsoft was copying search results from Google was the first salvo in the war. Microsoft followed up by accusing Google of click fraud.

Microsoft and the big Poopy.

By John Wallwork | December 27, 2010

The other morning, when my wife and I went to get our boys, we had one of those moments parents both love and hate.  When we opened the door, we were greeted by a smiling giggling toddler.  G. looked at us, smiled and said "Big Poopy!!" then held his arms apart to to indicate something being big.  This statement was then corroborated by our nostrils.  As parents we were appreciative of the warning and hopeful that this may be the first step in him being ready for potty training, but we were also dreading the cleanup.  After all, how big does it have to be for a 2 year old to say it is big (it was).   Later that day, Microsoft gave me a "big Poopy" moment

When an error isn't

By John Wallwork | December 20, 2008

For the past two weeks I’ve been working on a project that makes use of Microsoft’s new AJAX controls for .Net. These controls add a bit of snazziness to…

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