Logan Ray

Logan Ray
With a B.S. Degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Logan Ray joins Beacon as a Digital Marketing Specialist. Outside the workplace, Logan’s interests include spending time with his wife and dog, board sports and outdoor adventuring.

SEO & Your Redesign: Don’t Be a Flintsone

If you’re reading this article on your desktop monitor, guess what. You’re a dinosaur, my friend. More than likely, there are far more people reading this article on hand held devices. Particularly those between the ages of 18 and 29*. But, since there are still holdouts like yourself, any website needs to account for this [...] read more »

eCommerce Analysis: Using Google Analytics to Identify Your Whales and Minnows

If you manage an eCommerce site, you probably spend a lot of time in Google Analytics. There’s a ton of great metrics and reports to check out, like mutli-channel attribution, average order values by channel, eComm conversion rates, and so on. You’ve probably even segmented data by demographic, device type, or geography. All of this [...] read more »

Here’s How to Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Search Results Appearance

It’s not everyday that the SEO world catches a break from Google, but they’ve recently connected two of their greatest resources for us. You may have noticed a new tool in the  Acquisition section of your Google Analytics reporting – the Search Console Beta. This report closes the gap between Search Console and Google Analytics, [...] read more »

Google’s Latest Algorithm Update: Bacon

The sizzling algorithm update you probably haven’t heard about: Bacon. It’s no secret that Google releases dozens or hundreds of updates to their ranking algorithm every year. Of course, some of these updates have a larger impact on search results than others, you may be familiar with the Panda or Penguin updates, which targeted content [...] read more »

404 Error Pages: Best Practices

Ya know what grinds my gears?! When I click a link (internal or external) and I get one of these: You know what I do? Leave. And so do 99.9999% of everyone else that hits an error like this. So how do you avoid this? Add a custom 404 page using these best practices: Your [...] read more »

How-To: Robots.txt Disaster Prevention

It’s any SEO‘s worst nightmare. The Production robots file got overwritten with the Test version. Now all your pages have been ‘disallowed’ and are dropping out of the index. And to make it worse, you didn’t notice it immediately, because how would you? Wouldn’t it be great if you could prevent robots.txt file disasters? Or [...] read more »

How to Properly Handle Pagination for SEO [Free Tool Included]

Let’s start out by defining what I mean by ‘pagination’. This mostly applies to ecommerce sites where there are multiple pages of products in a given category, but it can occasionally be seen on lead-gen sites as well. Here’s an example of what this might look like: http://www.freakerusa.com/collections/all http://www.freakerusa.com/collections/all?page=1 http://www.freakerusa.com/collections/all?page=2 http://www.freakerusa.com/collections/all?page=3 http://www.freakerusa.com/collections/all?page=4 (pages 3 & [...] read more »

Should I Use Canonicals or 301 Redirects?

Should you 301 redirect that page to another, or should you use a rel=canonical tag? There are tons of reason why you might have some redundancy on your site. If it’s an eCommerce site, you’re probably displaying product listing pages a few different ways (sort by price, color, rating, etc.), or you might have navigation [...] read more »

Case Study: International Furniture Company Leverages Pinterest to Increase ROI

Generating Web Traffic and Revenue through New Social Bookmarking Platform, Pinterest. Challenge: Along with companies investing in more traditional web marketing activities like SEO, PPC and conversion optimization, Social Media has become a major component to the overall marketing strategy . Beacon Technologies began social media efforts for an International Furniture Retailer in early 2010. As new [...] read more »

Case Study: Online Retailer Increases Brand Visibility by Utilizing Visually Stunning Info-Graphics

Beacon’s Digital Marketing and Design Departments Pair Up to Boost a Client’s Back Link Profile and Improve Their Social Media Engagement Levels. Challenge: Our client, a healthcare product online retailer, was seeing an erosion of their back link portfolio. They were losing links to their site through attrition as normally is the case with any website. However, they [...] read more »