How to add ARIA Labels for HTML SECTION and DIV Tags

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By Zedric Myers | Published December 20, 2018 | Categories: Beacon News

This is an example of ARIA labels for screen readers that read ARIA labels. It ultimately helps the end user.

When you have a portion on the content in a section, it must contain a Head tag. If however is does not contain a head tag, and needs an aria-label to describe the section, simply add the region role.

This will allow the screen reader to detect it as a new region and then it will read out the ARIA label.

Examples: Using a SECTION Tag:

<section aria-label=”Brief description of this section”>
<h2>Heading Title</h2>
<p>Content area content</p>

Using a DIV Tag:

<div role=”region” aria-label=”Brief description of this area”>
<p>Content area content</p>

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