19 Engagements on an eCommerce Site You Should be Tracking

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By Beacon News | Published June 19, 2017 | Categories: Google Analytics

For our client Soffe, we completed a Google Analytics Migration from the old classic GA code to the new Universal set up through Tag Manager. With this upgrade Soffe went from having very little engagement data (event tracking, virtual pageviews, goals and ecommerce info) for their eCommerce site to now having lots of great information that they can use to continue to improve their site and learn about their customer behavior. Not only are they now able to use all the great features in GA that is offered with the Universal Code but they also have been upgraded to enhanced eCommerce.

I wanted to use them as the example of engagement areas on an eCommerce site that you should be tracking if you are not already. So here are some areas you should be tracking.

Engagements to Track on an eCommerce Site

  • Contact Interactions:
    • Phone calls
    • Chats
    • Contact form submissions
  • Cart Page Interactions:
    • Deleting a product
    • Applying a coupon code
    • Getting a shipping quote
    • Paypal checkout
    • Move to wishlist
    • Update Cart
  • Product Detail Page Interactions:
    • Add to cart
    • Add to wishlist
    • Social Sharing
    • Review submissions
    • Size Chart Views
  • Other Interactions:
    • Email Sign Up
    • Video Views
    • Outbound Links
    • Account Logins/Creations

As mentioned before, these are just a few engagements on Soffe.com that we tracked. If I shared the full list with you, it would be super long. With that said though, there are many areas of an eCommerce site that should be tracked and if your GA set up is missing areas of engagement on your site, then give us a call!  We can help set up your site to be fully tracked in Google Analytics.

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