How to Avoid Common Pitfalls During a Redesign

Est. Reading Time: 1 minute

When redesigning a website the focus tends to be centered on overhauling the aesthetic appearance. The goal tends to revolve around developing a modern-day look that delivers great user experience, and rightly so. However, while working with colleges and universities throughout the country, we have found that many client-defined project scopes routinely overlook important steps that are essential for great higher education websites. Theses misses can threaten 508 compliance, damage the institution’s hard-earned search rankings, cause Google Analytics errors and inaccuracies, and even lead to a poor user experience. If you are planning a redesign or have recently launched a new website, don’t miss this presentation! Gus will address seven of the most common redesign pitfalls, and how you can make sure your website is working on all cylinders.


  • Avoid Common Pitfalls during a redesign such as:
  • Incorrect tracking code transition
  • Skipping over tracking improvements
  • Improperly planned 301 redirects
  • Not managing site crawl ability
  • Cutting corners on device, browser & user testing
  • Inadequate ADA/Accessibility Testing
  • No benchmarking or follow-up


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