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By Mark Dirks | Published April 4, 2016 | Categories: Beacon News

We hope you all enjoyed our April Fool's fun last Friday.  We certainly did.  Members of my digital marketing team had the idea about a year ago, so incredibly funny concepts have been tossed around for a long time.  Got to give lots of credit to Jordan Burleson (Digital Marketing Strategist), Logan Ray (Digital Marketing Specialist) and Keana Lynch (Lead UI Developer) for pulling this off.  Also special thanks to Christy Joyce (graphics), Jordan Lowry (social media) and our Tech Support Group.

bacon logoAs a business owner, it's always a little scary to push the envelope on things like this, particularly spoofing a company name change.  However, it's who we are.  It's our culture, and we like (need) to have a little fun to keep us creative as a team.  Plus, with all the brilliant minds here at Beacon, collectively, this whole process was hysterical.

So, we are back to being Beacon again.  Of course, as marketers, we had to assess the results for Makin' Bacon as an April Fool's joke.  On Friday, we experienced the SECOND largest volume of traffic to our website in our 18 year history.  It says a lot about the power of marketing that is either shocking, funny or drives curiosity.  We had an overwhelming number of direct responses via email too.  My three favorites were "stands up and does the slow clap", "That's funny fools ~ we do love Bacon and Beacon!", and "You guys win the Internet today.  Dare I say...Well done!"  Thanks to everyone who chimed in.

And yes, we did catch a few people off guard.  One asked for us to send a new W-9 with the new company name.  And another asked for the Bacon logo so they could replace our Beacon logo on their website.

Now I just wonder (and am a bit concerned) about how the Beacon gang is going to raise the bar next year.

Let's get to work!

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