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For the 9th straight year, Beacon was invited to attend the Google Analytics Summit, which is being held in San Francisco this year.  This week, Mark Dirks and Andrea Cole are joining about 800 other Google Analytics Certified Partners from all over the world to learn about new, upcoming features and talk directly with Google Analytics staff.  This year’s summit is fully under NDA, so most of the amazing new features cannot be shared with the public yet.  However, I will say that “becoming people-centric” and “capturing micro-moments” are common themes, particularly around their GA Premium product.  As always, the Google Team puts on a tremendous set of informative presentations to keep all their partners “in the know” and this year, they have a series of rooms where we can demo specific new features with GA product development staff – cool stuff!

As one of the longest standing partners in the country, it’s always interesting to think back to 2005, when Google acquired Urchin, which was the starting point of GA.  We (Beacon) had decided, as a company to license Urchin, just prior to that purchase.  Then in 2007, we were sitting around a table of about 40-50 GA partners, which has now expanded to around 800 in attendance, speaking many different languages.

GA Summit 2015

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