Case Study: Custom Contact Forms Convert for National Medical Recruitment Firm

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By improving the design of a website’s soft conversion point, Beacon confirmed that first impressions matter.

Challenge: A top specialist employment agency required a way to boost its pool of applicants as well as institutions looking to fill open positions.

Each job opening posted on the client’s website included a contact link at the bottom of the job description. There were no other touch points. Although the end of the job listing was a logical place to include a call to action, few people were using it because it was somewhat inconspicuous. It was a simple text link and was placed below the fold. Reducing the amount of clicks a user has to make in order to make contact can significantly increase conversion rates and time on site. Beacon was given the directive to boost visitor conversion numbers without changing the job listings page, due to various third party considerations, even though this page was the most natural conversion point.

  • Client Facts:
  • Industry Leading Firm since 1983
  • Provides temporary and permanent medical placement services
  • Goals:
  • Increase Online Profitability
  • Improve Lead Generation for Job Seekers
  • Gain Medical Facility Listings
  • Results:
  • 54% increase in contact conversions
  • 48% improvement in conversion rates


Business Solution: Beacon identified the problem and needed a simple, more visible way to allow both job seeking applicants and hiring facilities to find a way to contact one another. This prompted the design and creation of a single contact page, which had previously not existed on the client’s site. However, it was the design and inclusion of a consolidated contact page “short form”, incorporated into each of the site’s pages, that was the real game changer.

Utilizing a shorter form with fewer fields can significantly increase the number of conversions. Eliminating just one form field can help increase conversions by as much as 50%. Inclusion of this “short form” in a non-intrusive way on the job search pages and all other related URL’s resulted in a significant increase in conversions. Thus, many new job seekers and valuable institutions in need of immediate resources were added to the website’s database.

Results: The actions taken to improve site performance yielded almost immediate results. Overall goal completions increased by over 54% and goal conversion rate improved by almost 48%. Other site metrics such as on-page engagement and time on site increased as well.

About the Author:

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Logan is an accomplished marketing professional with nearly a decade of experience. As a Digital Marketing Strategist at Beacon, he heads our SEO team and drives Google Analytics strategy for higher education clients like Colorado State University Pueblo and California State University East Bay. A recognized SEO expert, Logan leads SEO workshop sessions at industry conferences and presents strategy and tactics to graduate students in the Wake Forest University BSBA program. Logan is Google Analytics-certified and holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.