Case Study: Customizing Attorney Information within a CMS to Maximize Time Efficiency

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Published May 8, 2015 | Categories: Case Studies

Providing All-In-One Customizable Content Management Systems to Display Specific Information Across Multiple Pages

Challenge: Our client, a law firm with a large staff of attorneys,
needed a way to update attorney profile information in an efficient
manner across multiple layers of their website. This is significant since
prospective clients often reference attorney information before
deciding who to hire.

The firm’s attorneys needed to update information often and their
current CMS required that they edit each page and so often
redundantly in multiple areas. This would also require one to
remember every page that needed that particular information. Each
update became a laborious task as a result, which also increased the
chances for human error on these pages. This non-productive but
necessary task cost the firm in what would otherwise be billable hours.
It also produced duplicate, non-SEO friendly content on the website.

  • Client Facts:
  • 35+ year Established Law Firm
  • Specializes in Business Law including, but not limited to taxation, dispute resolution, and bankruptcy
  • 30+ Staff Attorneys
  • Goals:
  • Make data entry more efficient
  • Re-purpose content
  • Implement a CMS that is easy to use
  • Results:
  • +80% Increase in Data Efficiency
  • Billable time increased
  • Data Quality improved significantly

Business Solution: Beacon identified the problem and needed to
provide a way to simplify the process to populate multiple pages
simultaneously, including the attorney’s directory listing, bio
information, practice group, and placement on the overall website.

A custom-built database-driven solution developed by Beacon
Technologies enabled the user to populate and re-purpose content
throughout the entire site with only a single entry. Beacon created
this feature by using Cascade Server Content Management Software
as the base. Cascade Server provides workflows to ensure content
changes are approved by the right people and as an easy way to
bundle changes. With easy - and automated - content updates,
Cascade Server allows businesses to publish content efficiently to
help increase website usability and staff utilization. This saved a
significant amount of time and, at the rate that attorneys usually bill,
a whole lot of money!

Results: Beacon provided the client with a robust and efficient site,
eliminating redundant and streamlined data entry by customizing
the right content management system. Cascade Server CMS enabled
a decentralization of the client’s website management by allowing
content owners to manage their own content. This reduced the time
required to update the site, while also improving the quality of the

Now, adding or changing a single fact is quick and easy, freeing up
80% of the time they normally spent on this task. Now the attorneys
have more time to bill.

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