Case Study: By Increasing Email Captures, Retailer Increases Potential Lead Generation

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Beacon optimizes the website’s soft conversion rate by developing a custom light box to house their Sweepstakes

Challenge: Our client, an international furniture retailer, offered a chance to win their Sweepstakes in exchange for an email address by their site visitors. In order to increase these soft conversions without distracting their visitors, they needed a non-obtrusive method to display their Sweepstakes and expand potential lead generation.

  • Client Facts:
  • Leading retailer in the furniture industry
  • 100+ years in business
  • >$250M Net Sales 2012
  • Goals:
  • Optimize the site to increase a specific soft conversion rate (email addresses)
  • Increase lead capture through email submission without hampering user experience
  • Results:
  • Email lead capture increased 41%
  • Increase this specific soft conversion rate by 42%
  • Increase user engagement on site


Business Solution:  The client had previously used many traditional email subscription boxes in the sidebar, header, footer, and site banners throughout. Beacon chose to install a light box, a small, translucent box which appears over the active website page, enabling the visitor to still view the website content underneath.

Within the light box area, a banner offered visitors the opportunity to enter a sweepstakes. Once having clicked on the banner image, the visitor is taken to the sweepstakes entry page where they are encouraged to provide their information, after which they may resume shopping.

Should the visitor wish to skip this opportunity, the visitor can easily proceed to the site without entering the sweepstakes, ensuring that any traffic that could potentially generate sales will not be turned away.

There were additional considerations so as not to interfere with a positive user experience. Frequency was addressed by setting a cookie so that the light box would be served up to any one visitor a maximum of once every 7 days. In addition, the client requested that the light box appear on whatever landing page the user arrived on.

Results:  The client saw a 41% increase in sweepstakes email capture and a 42% increase in conversion rate (from a 5.8% to 8.23%) with no adverse effects to visit duration, time on site, and page views per visit.

About the Author:

Logan Ray
Logan is an accomplished marketing professional with nearly a decade of experience. As a Digital Marketing Strategist at Beacon, he heads our SEO team and drives Google Analytics strategy for higher education clients like Colorado State University Pueblo and California State University East Bay. A recognized SEO expert, Logan leads SEO workshop sessions at industry conferences and presents strategy and tactics to graduate students in the Wake Forest University BSBA program. Logan is Google Analytics-certified and holds a B.S. in Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.