Case Study: Conversion Rate Increases Through the Use of Google Audience Remarketing

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Published April 14, 2015 | Categories: Case Studies

Increases New User Conversion Rates by Directly Targeting and Advertising Post Website Departure.

Increases New User Conversion Rates by Directly Targeting and Advertising Post Website Departure.

Challenge:  The client wanted to increase orders from the new
registrants coming to the website. Statistically, visitors would come to
the site and register but would often not place an order within thirty
days. Customers who registered and did not place an order within
thirty days were contacted by customer service in an effort to follow
up and identify any issues. Increasing the conversion action for this
type of visitor was a priority along with decreasing the costs involved
in follow-up for non-purchasing new registrants.

Conversion rates on the website and goal flow analysis indicated that
a large number of people, when they did register on the site, neglected
to make a purchase online. There was a massive opportunity to get
those people back and convert a higher percentage of new visitors and

  • Client Facts:
  • American Based Wholesaler
  • International Customer Base
  • Faculty size 300+ employees
  • Goals:
  • Improve Customer Order Rates for
    New Website Registrants
  • Improve Branding via Repetitive
    Display Advertising
  • Results:
  • New Customer Orders: +10%
  • PPC Orders from New Website
    Registrants: +79%

Business Solution: In the past, display advertising had been
attempted, but conversion rates were low. With remarketing, the
audience could be much more targeted. To improve the rate of
converting new registrants into paying customers, display ads
were created along with an ad remarketing campaign.

Visitors that came to the website and entered at a point in the website
registration process would have a tracking code or “cookie” attached
to their visit. Based upon that cookie, visitors would browse the web
and see ads that were created specifically for those visitors. The ads
would re-target visitors who had reached a particular place in the
conversion cycle and displayed an ad with an action to take on the
website. The remarketing ads had the ability to re-target visitors by
being part of a list that Beacon Technologies could control and define
for a period of time.

Results: Orders from New Customers improved by almost 10%
compared to the same period a year earlier. Orders from New
Customers that came via pay-per-click increased by 78.70%. Not only
did the remarketing increase online orders, but brand awareness
was improved as the display ads were shown on many websites across
the internet to those who didn’t convert outright. The brand was placed
many times in front of the right people who were already qualified to
become a customer.

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