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By Beacon News | Published February 12, 2015 | Categories: Digital Marketing

Have you gotten the dreaded message in Webmaster Tools that you need to fix the mobile usability issues affecting your site? You have blah blah pages with errors.

You know, this one..

mobile usability issues

Yea, me too. Since we all know Google cares if our sites are mobile friendly (i.e look good and easy to use on a cell phone) or not, enough to put a report in Webmaster Tools about it; Then it probably is time to make sure your Wordpress site does work well on a mobile phone. We always recommend to our clients to upgrade your site to a responsive theme. Which is something we can do and are able to create beautiful custom responsive designs.

However, if you really like your current theme and can't afford/don't want to pay for a new responsive theme, then this plugin will help solve your mobile usability errors. After doing a little research on all the mobile plugins available, I found one that had great reviews and works really well.

mobile plugin for wordpress

WPtouch is that plugin. This plugin is not only great because it is FREE but if you want to be able to make more advanced changes, then you can buy the paid version. What I've loved about it is how easy it was to set up and how it makes wordpress sites much easier to use on a touch phone. Instead of having to constantly use my fingers to make a page bigger so I could read it and click on links. Now I can see everything clearly and the page fits perfectly on the phone screen.  Another perk I like is that the user is able to choose if they want to see a site in mobile or desktop view. So if that person is someone who likes seeing the entire site, then they still can.

The only downfall I've found with this plugin is that advertisements don't show on the mobile version. So if you prefer them to show you might want to look into that a little further. Since I have used the free version it's possible there is a setting to show them in the paid version.

So tell me..

Have you tried this plugin yet? What did you think about it?

Let's get to work!

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