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Creating Columns with CSS3 and Fallback for Older Browsers

December 8, 2014

There is a simple way to create columns using CSS3. It also saves several lines of CSS and more streamlined overall. After you’ve set up your HTML structure, you can simply add the column properties to the CSS selector of choice. These options currently work in IE 10.0, Chrome 4.0+, Firefox 2.0+, Safari 3.1+, and Opera 15.0+.

Radio Buttons vs Checkboxes

October 20, 2014

Sometimes when designing forms there’s some confusion as to when to use radio buttons and when to use checkboxes, but actually the rules are quite simple.

How to Plan Responsive Breakpoints

July 8, 2014

Typically people think about breakpoints in responsive designs in terms of typical screen size, and it usually works out to something like this:

Beacon News

Beacon on Metro-Raleigh Business Radio

June 24, 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Metro-Raleigh Business Radio show at the Business RadioX studios in Wake Forest NC yesterday!  Thanks to Ann Revell-Pechar, Cal Hackman and Reid Powell for having me on the show and letting me talk about the ever-changing world of the web, Beacon's experiences over the last 16 years and our new GAFUSION product.

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