RETAILERS: How will your online marketing impact in-store sales this holiday shopping season?

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Install GAFUSIONTM and you’ll know.  It’s very simple and affordable to setup with absolutely no long-term obligation.  No fees until you see the results after the holidays.  But it’s extremely important to install it soon.

Before we know it, digital marketing campaigns for the holiday season will be in full swing. Of course they will drive online sales, but they will also drive in-store sales.  GAFUSION extends Google Analytics to connect these in-store sales back to online activity and interactions with customers.  The sooner you get GAFUSION installed, the higher the match-back rates you will achieve over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday shopping season.

Yes, it’s only September, but we all know that people have already started their holiday shopping. Online shopping will grow dramatically in October and even more so toward Thanksgiving.  GAFUSION needs to be collecting these early activities, even if the sale happens 30 or 90 days from now.  Each day that goes by, you are missing very valuable data for assessing your total marketing strategy this year and preparing for next year.  If you wait until after the holiday shopping season, it’s too late.

Check out our 4-minute video or contact us to reserve a spot in our setup queue and learn why clients are saying, GAFUSION is making us rethink our digital marketing strategy.” 

GAFUSION for retail

Mark Dirks

Mark Dirks is the CEO for Beacon Technologies, but claims that Senior Web Business Consultant is more fitting. With a Masters Degree from Kansas State in Information Systems and a BS from Wake Forest in Mathematics/Computer Science, his passion is helping clients get the most out of their website and internet technology. Mark co-founded Beacon after spending a couple of years with RJ Reynolds and 13 years at AT&T. Outside of Beacon, he is an avid racquetball and softball player, while also coaching youth baseball and football.