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By Mark Dirks | Published June 24, 2014 | Categories: Beacon News

Raleigh Metro Business Radio Show

Thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Metro-Raleigh Business Radio show at the Business RadioX studios in Wake Forest NC yesterday!  Thanks to Ann Revell-Pechar, Cal Hackman and Reid Powell for having me on the show and letting me talk about the ever-changing world of the web, Beacon's experiences over the last 16 years and our new GAFUSION product.  Fred Hathaway, Managing Director of EntreDot, was also on the show.  He has been consulting with small business entrepreneurs for 27 years and I found it very interesting that a lot of businesses experience the same issues that Beacon faced at startup and particularly, with growth.  If you have a startup company or are thinking about it, I highly recommend contacting Fred at EntreDot.  Click here to listen to the podcast.

Mark Dirks at Business RadioX

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