Quick Flexslider Scrolling Fix for iOS Devices

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By Zedric Myers | Published April 29, 2014 | Categories: Cascade CMS

After browser testing Flexslider on iOS devices, we’ve found a small issue that prevents the browser from responding or making the screen scroll up or down while sliding up and down on the slider.

There is a small fix that works for our preference and can get around that, until an upcoming update of Flexslider resolves the issue. So swiping once it stays on position to view the slider, swipe again and it will reactivate the scrolling.

To get the slider to work properly again for swiping up and down to get past the slider on a smaller screen add the following to the parameters of the JQuery function.

Original Source: GitHub Flexslider Forum

Parameter to add to your JQuery Flexslider call:

useCSS: false

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