Why Google Custom Search Engine is a Great Choice

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By Zedric Myers | Published March 20, 2013 | Categories: SEO

UPDATE: The information in this post was updated on July 20, 2017. Please read the updated version HERE.

There are many third-party search engines you can choose from for your website. Some third-party installations and upkeep are more involved than others. Some offer free limited search capabilities and others are paid with extra features. These all depend on what your needs are for the website.

To help narrow it down, Google has provided an easy way to search your site, be it free or paid with custom search. The free version comes with Google ads that relate to your site, but not limited in other areas like other third-party search engines. If you have a tax-exempt business website according to Google’s guidelines, you have the option to turn off the ads. The paid search is also very affordable and allows you to turn off the ads.

You can customize the whole search experience and everything needed through the Google Custom Search engine site. It requires very minimal setup to your website with simple copy and paste code. With Google hosting the search engine, you don’t have to setup any background files or plugins on your own web server and maintain it.

It works well for search engine optimization and your website rankings, since it gives the ability to work with Google Analytics. You can see what people are searching for on your website to help improve or update it and get maximum results.

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