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By Beacon News | Published January 31, 2013 | Categories: SEO

A good SEO management consultant will leave the office, but will never really stop thinking about the page rank of websites they manage.  Tools from SEOMoz or add-ons like SEO Book's RankChecker are decent for in the office, but what about when you are on the go?

WebRank SEO is not just a cool Chrome plugin.  It also now has a hot, new SEO Android app that is currently free to download.  It is awesome because it not only serves up rankings from the platforms we currently identify as reputable and reliable,  such as Google's Pagerank, Compete's Rank, and Alexa's Rank, but it also pulls social metrics from Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ into the mix called their "Sociometer."  WebRank SEO also provides updated metrics for indexed pages, back link data from Google, Yahoo, and Bing's search engines, and  a quick Whois Lookup.  Within the settings you can choose what level of detail you want to provide for the website you choose, and it servers up the results pretty fast.  The only downfall of this initial free version is that it doesn't keep your history, but not many browser add-ons keep historical data so it's pretty much a wash.

Best Android App for SEO

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