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By Beacon News | Published January 29, 2013 | Categories: Digital Marketing

Though not my typical type of blog post (as a project manager for the software development group at Beacon), I needed to do some research on this topic for my grandmother and I thought it might be useful info to followers of our blog as well, especially those with elderly family members that are proficient in the use of technology, like mine.

My 93-year-old grandmother is quite technically savvy for her age (93 years young - wow!), and has become dependent over the years upon email for updates from family members since she lives several states away from most of us. However, her relocation to an assisted living home earlier this year (without broadband access) has made the set-up and maintenance of a PC too laborious and her failing eyesight makes a cell phone or tablet impractical. Therefore, we are in the market for some type of "computer-less" email system, I and found the following while researching today.

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  • Presto - Requires printer ($99.99) and mail service ($149.99/year or $14.99/month), uses standard phone line, cannot be used to scan or send replies, list of people that can send mail as well as formatting and text can be remotely administered
  • MailBug - $9.95/month, uses standard phone line and local calls, does not accept email attachments, can send and receive email
  • Celery - can use any fax machine (or purchase for $89.00), $19.95/month or $198/year for color service OR $13.98/month or $138/year for black and white service subscription

In addition, several visitor comments in the articles mentioned that a standard fax machine might do the trick as well.  Not sure which way we'll go yet, but I'll update this blog post with how it goes!  Please add a comment if you have experience in this area and can provide your recommendations!  Thanks!

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