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By Beacon News | Published July 16, 2012 | Categories: Beacon News

I officially have 1 week left at Beacon Technologies. So far everything is going great! I am really excited about the Beacon NetCafe website. The website is coming along nicely. I am very impressed by the website and I would like to publicly thank Jennifer for her hard work on the website. I know everyone is busy right now and I appreciate her work on the website. The big thing this week is having a test run of the Beacon NetCafe. I am really excited about this event. All my hard work will come to a big finale with the test run. The test run will be short but it will show us how this event will happen in the future. Hopefully, the video feed will work and we will be able to utilize Twitter with the video. There are still many things to be done before the test run and many things to be done after I leave but I think this is a positive step towards having a monthly event for the company and its partners.  I am confident that I can finish the projects I am completing for Beacon Technologies. After this week, I will hand off my responsibilities to Richard but still answer any questions if need be through email. It is a bitter sweet feeling to be ending my internship at Beacon Technologies. I am ready to get back to school and ready to complete the Beacon NetCafe test run.

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