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By Beacon News | Published July 9, 2012 | Categories: Web Development

My internship at Beacon Technologies is coming to a close but there are still many things to be done before I leave to go back to school. The previous week I completed the requirements and wireframe documents. I submitted the documents to the web designer of the Beacon NetCafe website. So far, the website is going along very well. The designer has setup a test website and it is taking shape. This week I have been working on the content for the website. This is just mostly writing up the various sections of the website. It will be important to finish completing the content for the website and giving this information to the web designer. I can’t help with the design of the website but I can help with the content. The next major step after completing the website will be a system test. With a system test, we will try to crack the website in every possible way. This is important before ever releasing a website to the general public. After the system test, a user acceptance test will be completed by Mark. The system test is from the developer's side while the user acceptance test is from the user's side. After all the tests are completed, we will complete a test run of the event or Beta test of the event. The website is coming along nicely but there are still many things to do. I am very excited to complete this project for the company. The website is starting to look complete and every day it looks even better.

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