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By Beacon News | Published February 6, 2012 | Categories: PPC

I recently came across an article talking about the new Wordstream PPC Grader. Of course my curious self had to go try it out and I'm happy to report this tool offers a lot of insight into your Adwords Campaigns.

Wordstream PPC Grader

(Not to bad of a score if I do say so myself)

Here is some of the great info you can learn from this tool:

1. Wasted Spending on Negative Keywords - Luckily my wasted spend wasn't to high but knowing there still was some tells me I need to go in and add some more negative keywords so I can get the number closer to $0.

2. Quality Score - Here is let's you know if you scores are below average, average or above average. It also give you an estimate of how much money can be saved by improving your score a point. Example from my report: "By improving your Quality Score by 1.1, you can save $112.28, or get 35more clicks / month."

3. Click Through Rate (CTR) - This section of the report shows you the average CTR curve and where you lie on it. It also gives you an estimate of how many clicks you can expect to get by increasing your CTR. Example pulled from report: "If you increased your CTR to 4.41%, you could expect 11 more clicks or 1more conversions a month."

4. Activity Time - This part of the report doesn't offer much insight although it is nice to see how where you rank among others when it comes to time spent updating campaigns. I ranked in the 87th percentile for this client and got this message "You're actively devoting time to working on your account -- this is good news for your campaigns!"

5. Long Tail Keyword Optimization - We all know long tail keywords are great because they are more specific and most of the time offer high conversion rates. This section of the report let's you know where you stand with your targeted keywords and how you rank among competitors. As you can see from the image, my campaigns use a lot of 3+ words and I rank pretty well. Long tail keywords

6. Ad Text Optimization - This section I found very helpful because of the visual it gives for your worst text ad and your best. Here I can compare the two in order to figure out why the worst one is performing so bad. As you can see from the image below, I'm doing pretty well with my text ads.

Text Ad Grader

7. Landing Page Optimization - Here you can see how you compare to your competitors when it comes to the amount of landing pages you are sending traffic too. It's best practice to have targeted landing pages for each ad group so that you're sending people directly to the information they want to see rather than just sending them to any page on your site. Here I learned that my competitors have double the amount of landing pages I do and I need to step up my game in order to match them.

8. PPC Best Practices - This is the last part to the report and it gives you a Pass (thumbs up) or Fail (thumbs down) grade on each of the best practices experts have defined in order to have a successful PPC campaign.

I was really impressed with this tool and it's ease of use as well as the great information it has given me. There's no reason you shouldn't give it a try considering it's Free! So go here and check it out!

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