Flash is Officially Not Being Supported on Mobile Devices

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Flash is officially not being supported on mobile devices anymore. It’s a good thing for performance and battery life. It also opens up the door for more interesting ways of introducing techniques and effects to your audience.

So, that brings up the question on what people and clients ask. Should we update our site to be mobile friendly? In a short answer yes for the best reach of audience. The amount of people using mobile devices is growing and continues to do so at an astounding rate.

Here at Beacon, we have a team of professionals that can update your Flash site or Flash elements with cross browser and mobile device friendly code. Your site will feel more refined and can even be implemented to work with our great Cascade Server (CMS system). Staying ahead of the curve and keeping your site fresh will keep the visitors and customers coming back for more.

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Zedric Myers
Zedric Myers is a Web Designer for Beacon Technologies. After earning his degree in Advertising and Graphic Design, he spent 11 years with an advertising agency in Greensboro, NC where he was initially hired as a designer and transitioned to being a Web Developer.