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By Beacon News | Published January 6, 2012 | Categories: Cascade CMS

During recent projects, integrating fonts for the right look and feel has shown to be troublesome for Internet Explorer. After implementing a font file into a CSS file, Internet Explorer 9 would provide the following error and not show the embedded font:

@font-face failed OpenType embedding permission check. Permission must be Installable.

This error is listed on MSDN and states that:

 The font-face does not have permissions to install with the current webpage.

And to fix:

Obtain the correct permission or licenses for embedding the font.

The only help this really provided was narrowing my search results.  Luckily, I found a nifty program that can be run from the command prompt to correct this error in IE9.  Be aware however, as stated on the publishers download page:

Changing the embedding value does not give you license to distribute the fonts. You should only change this setting if you are the font creator, or something like that. Use at your own risk.

Download embed.exe

Program Useage:

  1. Download the executable and move to the desktop with a copy of the font file.
    (Alternatively, you can drop this in your Windows/system32 directory)
  2. Pull up a command prompt window.
  3. Navigate to the desktop within the prompt
  4. Execute by typing: embed.exe fontfilename.ttf
  5. Viola, your font should be ready to use in IE9.

More on Font Embedding from MSDN »

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