Beacon Technologies Through the Eyes of an Intern – Week 5

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By Beacon News | Published June 17, 2011 | Categories: Social Media

Well this post marks the half-way point of my experience with Beacon.  Looking back at the past 5 weeks, I can tell that I have learned a lot from the people here.  I’ve done a variety of tasks from compiling monthly reports to writing ad copy for PPC campaigns.  I know that I have a lot to learn still, and that even the things I do know how to do are only on a basic level.  Looking forward to the next 5 weeks, I am excited to be getting involved in some of the projects and tasks to come.  There is still a lot that I will be learning.  A quick look ahead to what I will be doing includes marketing Beacon, writing a pseudo case study on social media, and a few other things.

To recap this week, it was another successful week.  I was able to accomplish more than I did last week.  Thankfully the Google Guitar was gone and nothing similar took its place.  One of the main things I did this week was a web health analysis for a client.  I got a list of a few competitors from the client and then compared them all on a range of metrics such as page rank, number of links to the page from outside sources, average number of monthly visitors, keyword rankings, and other SEO related areas.  This took me a little longer to finish up than I thought it would.  I think the main reason for that was that I was not entirely sure if all the information I was putting into the report was correct at first.  I also learned the lesson that it is better to wait for the client to give you a list of whom they want to compare against than to assume what companies are on that list.  Fortunately I hadn’t really started on the report when I got confirmation of the competitors for the client.

The other main task of the week was to keep monitoring various metrics for my clients.  I spend much of my time looking at GA and AdWords to see where things may need to be tweaked to improve results.  I also had the standard weekly meeting.  There were a handful of other meetings that I was able to participate in as well this week.  I got to sit-in on a few conference calls with clients I am working on and ones that I will be helping out with for a handful of hours.  I met with the president of Beacon and another member of the WMS team to brainstorm some marketing strategies for Beacon.  This was fun for me.  That is an area that I enjoy and feel very comfortable with what I am doing and saying.  I may not have a great deal of work experience in the marketing field, but I have a large amount of experience through coursework in undergrad and as part of the MBA program at the Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNC-Greensboro.  The final task of the week was a client meeting.  One of the main focuses of the meeting was Social Media.  This is a topic that I feel confident with as I have been a part of the growth and development of Social Media for the better part of seven or eight years.

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