Beacon Technologies Through the Eyes of an Intern – Week 4

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By Beacon News | Published June 10, 2011 | Categories: Social Media

This week has gone well.  Along with the weekly meeting, I was able to participate in a couple other meetings.  One was with a client I am working on.  It was a standard “checking in” type of meeting.  I was able to hear some ideas the client would like to see worked on in the near future.  As part of that discussion, I was able to view some work for other clients that I was unaware of, and that gave me some good ideas for some things that I may try to bring up with some of my other clients that could potentially use the same type of feature on their website.  I also sat in on a brief training session on a tool for unifying social media efforts.  Hootsuite allows you manage social media updates and accounts from a centralized location.  You can connect Facebook and Twitter and monitor activity on each as well as schedule updates to release when you want rather than right at the moment you type them up.

As far as the type of work I did this week, I mostly worked on finishing up monthly reports and then getting them sent out.  Once that was finished, I switched over to working on keyword discovery.  I spent some time learning how to find new keywords as well as learning how to see how websites rank for keywords that they are targeting versus not targeting.  I did this for a couple clients and that gave me a chance to approach it from different perspectives.  The other thing I did in relation to keywords was to try to determine how difficult it would be to rank for keywords based on the current content of the website and the amount of competition for the keyword.  This was interesting because I was not aware of what all goes into determining how a website ranks for a keyword.  Some of the areas that are important, they are kind of common sense ideas, are having the keyword appear in the text of the URL, the title of the page, and/or the content of the page.

In closing, my productivity this week fought a long battle with my ability to be distracted and my ability to be amused by simple things.  I blame Google for this.  As most people are likely aware by now, Google created a special logo to honor Les Paul’s 96th birthday.  The logo was a playable guitar that even let people record short songs if they were in the US.  Google kept the logo up today, Friday, even though Les Paul’s birthday was Thursday.  This is by far the best Google logo I have seen.  The second best was the playable version of Pac-man.  I did manage to get several tasks completed this week, but I also managed to rock out from time to time.  While I am not an overly talented Google guitarist, I did manage to find several YouTube videos of people who are good.  Just head over to Google and search “Google guitar” and you should be able to find them.

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