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By Beacon News | Published June 21, 2011 | Categories: Social Media

As a sales professional, I've long been told about the importance of listening.  There is a seemingly endless list of cliches that are overused to instill this mantra.  I get it and do my best every day to practice it.  With out listening to the prospect/client needs, you can not possibly provide them with the right solution.  It makes sense.

I bring this up, because Beacon is a relationship based business whose success is critically dependent upon client interaction and listening.  We are lucky to have many successful client relationships, but I wanted to use this blog post to highlight Dusty Staub of Staub Leadership International.

Staub Leadership is a long time Beacon client who has worked with us across all of our service offerings, including: web development, managed hosting and web marketing.  They provide leadership coaching to  individuals, teams and organizations in the form of workshops, keynote speeches, webinars, books and other published works.   When Dusty and his team speak - people listen.

So when Dusty came in last week for a regular strategy meeting to discuss how his business can benefit by sharing his nuggets of wisdom with the masses via Twitter, there was a lot of listening going on.  Dusty spoke about his strategic plan for his business and we offered a web marketing road map for getting there.  When Dusty speaks, he can't help but talk 'shop' and as he does it is impossible not to be inspired.

As we interact, great ideas are shared and the energy builds.  By the end of the meeting @Staubleadership had already begun tweeting from his newly installed Twitter for iPhone App and has great plans for keeping you in the know about his regular strokes of genius, trips, books, articles, events, etc.

This level of client interaction and face to face collaboration is why I joined Beacon.  Staub is a great example of how a client relationship can be mutually beneficial.  So thank you Staub for the years of patronage and inspiration.  We enjoy working with you and there is no doubt that not only you, but the entire 'Twittersphere' will benefit from your new presence.

If you are interested in learning more about how Beacon's approach to social media can help grow your business, please give a call - we are here to help.

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