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By Beacon News | Published May 18, 2011 | Categories: Web Development

When developing content, throwing XHTML tags around client text and data can be a slow process without the clipboard.
It hit me the other day that I should try to make use of multiple clipboards so in any text editor,
I can keep a copy of an opening tag on one clipboard and the closing in another. Microsoft Office has a clipboard manager
feature, but it doesn't work across applications, nor did it have keyboard shortcuts to swap between the active clipboard.
There are plenty of search results for clipboard managers on the web, these being a few of the best I found:

  • Clipboards - Download
    • Can be used with no need for an interface
    • Includes a 'Clipboard Viewer' to view clipboard contents and make edits
    • Allows active clipboard switching using ALT+1 through ALT+9
    • Can swap between ALT/CTRL as hotkey for switching the active clipboard
    • Individual clipboards can copy and contain text or images
    • Makes repetitive development processes much less tedious.
    • Run on startup
  • Clipboard Manager - Download
    • Highly configurable with UI
    • All copy instances sends copied data to UI
    • Transparent-capable interface
    • Clipboard selection identifies data types (text,images,html,etc.)
    • Keyboard shortcuts are configurable
    • Run on startup

Of the two listed, Clipboards works much more in my favor. Using CTRL+C, CTRL+V, and CTRL+1 through 9 allows me to quickly jump between clipboards without having to change windows, make a selection, or open a taskbar icon.

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