The Younger Generation and Mobile Device Addiction

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By Beacon News | Published April 21, 2011 | Categories: Social Media

I took a  look back in history from when the telephone first arrived to the mobile devices of today.  Making communication easy spawns an addiction to the facilitating platform and an addiction to it will always will be rampant among the young.

"The telephone has been accepted without hesitation by the younger generation, but it has suggested uneasy questions to older persons who have not been accustomed to it all their lives." -1903

1903 - "It's Appalling"- Phone accepted without hesitation by younger generation

1948 - The teenagers have tied up telephone communications

1963 - Telephonitis is a disease of adolescence

1972 - For six years my son ate, slept and lived in a small phone booth

1989 - Younger generation has phone addiction!

2009 - Too Much Texting Taking a Toll on Teenagers

2011- Young generation addicted to mobile phones

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The rise in popularity of Facebook has similarities.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that:

“In fact, in some ways Facebook is like a telephone conversation, with all your friends on the same call. But on this call, your friends can share photos, text, political summons to action, video, and music, or can click to make purchases.”

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