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It is April 14, 2011 and the weather is beautiful here in Greensboro, North Carolina!  72° and sunny.


I have a lot of admiration and respect for the ad agency JWT.   They are thought leaders, amazingly creative and wonderfully successful.  I really enjoy their annual forecast of trends which you can visit at JWT INTELLIGENCE.  JWT Intelligence has a great tagline, "converting cultural shifts into opportunities".  JWT has published "100 Things to Watch in 2011".  Take a moment and enjoy the slideshow as it will certainly get your brain churning as you consider ways to create your own opportunities based on you own skills and areas of interest.

Technology is a major theme (as it often is) in this year's forecast.

Of the 100 future trends, I have several highlighted below that interest me:

  • #1: 3D Printing --- Take a look if you have a moment at Shapeways Example Video.  It will be fascinating to see how this grows.
  • #5: Auto Apps --- Not sure if this is a good thing but it is here to stay and will certainly grow.  Perhaps you've seen the commercial with the Dad in Europe and his teenage daughter wants to borrow his car.  So as he is talking with her, from his hotel in Europe, on his smartphone (really smartphone and smart apps) he checks the car's gas gauge and tire pressure and then starts the engine and unlocks the doors...all from across the Atlantic.  Amazing.
  • #17: CAPTCHA 'Advertising' --- I am sure you have all been asked to enter several distorted letters into a box on a website which will then allow you to advance within the site.  CAPTCHA annoys me!! Well, advertisers are starting to use this as an opportunity to have visitors participate in the advertisement.  Companies are starting to use their slogans and taglines for their CAPTCHA.  I have not yet seen this but I certainly will soon.
  • #35: F-Commerce --- Facebook eCommerce is coming to your Facebook soon!!  Apparently several very large retailers can already sell products directly on Facebook but that trend will certainly increase...just too many users on that site to miss on that opportunity.  This could impact many companies within the Supply Chain as well as Marketers.  It will be fascinating to see how big this grows!
  • #40: Group-Manipulated Pricing --- Many group buying sites are popping up including Groupon and Living Social.   The innovation will continue to grow and change but it seems poised to be a successful strategy.

These are just a few examples that gave me pause.

Check it out at JWT INTELLIGENCE and be inspired!

Enjoy the day.

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