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By Beacon News | Published January 17, 2011 | Categories: Google Analytics

Quick Disclosure:  As the latest addition to the Beacon team, the last two weeks have been spent adapting to all the things that come with starting out with a new company.   I’m really excited about my role as an Account Executive and I look forward to digging in and being a productive part of the team.  With that said, I must admit that having to contribute to the Beacon blog has caused me some anxiety as I have never wrote a “professional” blog post before, so please show mercy…

A year or so ago, I downloaded the Coupon App on my Droid.  It’s an awesome application.  My favorite by far as it has made me aware of a bunch of great deals.  The best deals have been their free magazine subscriptions.  I have a hard time turning down the offers, so I am now the proud subscriber of everything from Spin to Forbes.  I get so many magazines that I struggle to keep up.  Over the holidays, I vowed to work through my growing backlog of reading and stay on top of it in the New Year.

In reading through the January 17th issue of Forbes, I came across a really cool article on how the CEO of the Teaching Company, Brandon Hidalgo has used marketing metrics to grow his business to $110 million/year in sales.  The article speaks to specific instances of how seemingly subtle tweaks to his online and offline marketing campaigns based on the behavioral data of his customers has increased sales anywhere from 5% to over 20%.

“In February 2010 the Teaching Company changed the color (from pale green to orange) and location (from side to bottom) of an "Add to Cart" button on its website. Result: Sales improved 5.8%. In one mailing, replacing an image of Michelangelo's God's hand with one depicting the ruins of Petra produced a 21.8% lift in sales…”

I liked this article, because it helped me understand the business impact of what our team of Web Marketing Specialists do every day for our clients.  They share Hidalgo’s passion for metrics and use it to optimize the performance of our clients’ web properties.

If you have a moment, check out the article on Forbes.com – I think you’ll enjoy it!

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