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By Beacon News | Published December 12, 2010 | Categories: Web Development

Here at beacon I work on any number of websites during a typical day/week. Each one most likely has 3-5 links of its own including development, production, test, backend/content management, and other various URL’s. This gets extremely difficult to remember which is which. To avoid searching past e-mail, communications or various files, I find using a bookmark synchronizer makes my life much easier ;]

My tool of choice is XMarks

I’m not sure what originally got me using XMarks versus its many competitors but I’m sure it has to do with its ease of use and flexibility. The main features I use often are:

  • Synchronize bookmarks across all of my computers
  • Synchronize bookmarks across my 3 main browsers including Firefox, Chrome and IE
  • Allows for multiple profiles for home or work
  • Allows for online access if I do not have access to my computers
  • Mobile access from my iPhone when on the go
  • The option to share but not automatic
  • Online Backups are priceless in the event of computer failure

The best thing of all is the general everyday use I get out of this tool, it’s knowing that I can easily and quickly access a page I bookmarked in Firefox at home using chrome at work.

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