Tips for Creating an Effective Image Ad Campaign

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By Beacon News | Published December 30, 2010 | Categories: Web Development

1)      Consistency with the theme is so important. Make sure that the images, offers, and text content you include on your graphic are highly visible on the destination landing page so that visitors don’t feel lost when they arrive on your site.

2)      Don’t negate the necessity for testing. Things can always improve.  Why not create future ads by learning what did and did not work for the ads in the past.  HINT: Here is where Google Website Optimizer comes in handy! Always think about your options in the following areas:

  • The Call to Action:
    • wording,
    • color,
    • shape,
    • size,
    • prominence
  • The Point of Action Assurances:
    • Should you include a verification logo for secured online purchases?
    • Should you include a privacy policy?
  • The Font You Use:
    • Which font should I choose?
    • Can my demographic read it easily?
    • If this is a mobile site, can they read the text of the ad?
    • Should I make it bold or italic?

Remember, what looks good on paper doesn’t always look so good online.

  • The Headline Message
    • Should you use punctuation?
    • Should you include an explanation of benefits/features?
    • Does it need to evoke emotion?
    • Should you ask a question?
  • The Graphic
    • What size/shape should it be?
    • Would the ad be more effective if there is an image of a person present for a relatable personability factor?

Remember, if you are going to have an image of a person, make sure that their eyes are facing forward to increase the false connection.

3)      Always track your destination URL. If you are new to this, use this link to help you build it.

If done right, an image ad is a great way to target your audience.  It is more visually attractive than a text ad, and is usually larger and easier to see and gain an impression.  You can also draw a visitor in by telling a story through basic animation.

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