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By Beacon News | Published December 21, 2010 | Categories: Web Development

Hello again.

Today is April 21, 2010 and my blog topic is Web Marketing…what else?
Ahhhhhhhhhh…Web Marketing!!!
I am ALWAYS excited to talk about Web Marketing and I am thrilled to still be heavily involved in the Web Marketing boom of the past 10 years. Without a doubt, Web Marketing is constantly evolving which requires us/Beacon to continually grow, modify, change, and adjust strategies to ensure the delivery of a healthy ROI for our clients.
For the past several years, Web Marketing had been all about Organic Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Web Analytics using Google Analytics, Reporting, and Conversion Optimization.  It is time to officially add Social Media Marketing to this list.  Social Media Marketing falls clearly under the category of Web Marketing.  It is a web related marketing solution that offers a measurable ROI and provides a convertible traffic source to your overall Web strategy.

Companies often start by creating a simple company Facebook or LinkedIn page and stop there.  But as we have learned, there are many opportunities to implement within a Social Media campaign to boost your brand and revenue. While most companies simply jumped into Social Media sites with no real focused strategy, many firms are now seeing the potential and are making Social Media a major part of the overall marketing plan.

Social Media offers a highly interactive communication channel directly with your customers.  Customers will view you as far more transparent and available and real.  You can put a face and a voice to your company.  It is a great place to have real conversations with your customers.

We are very fortunate to work with many highly innovative and creative clients that are willing to try new ideas using Social Media platforms.  We are developing, implementing, and managing many new and exciting programs, promotions and contests using Social Media sites.  We are realizing some great results with our Cross Promotion strategy as well.  Many of our current Social Media campaigns are focused on Brand building for our clients.

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