Security & Performance Issues: What can I do?

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By Beacon News | Published December 29, 2010 | Categories: Web Development

Many of us today work with PCs on a daily basis and are constantly being made aware of security and performance issues with them.  Sometimes we are made aware by being a victim and wonder what could I have done to prevent that or how can I keep the issue from occurring again or even mitigate the collateral damage next time.

I found an interesting article for some of the security/performance issues that we all face and it discusses some actions to take to help with the problems.  There were some things that I already knew but the explanations were  insightful just the same.  Some of the maintenance actions I rarely do because I guess I never stopped to think about the consequences of not doing them.  After reading the article I have a better appreciation of those rarely performed maintenance items.  Maybe they won’t be so ‘rarely performed’ anymore.

Check it out for yourself: Security and Performance Issues from Iolo Threat Center

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