How to Increase Conversions for E-commerce Websites

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Having great products does not always ensure that they will sell on a websites.  Listed below are some best practices to  guide your visitors in the right direction.  Remember that your e-commerce site is not an online catalog, but rather a place for visitors to learn more about your company and to engage with your products  interactively.  In order for any company  to sell merchandise or a concept on the web, demonstrating credibility and earning trust are absolutely essential.  Visitors are most comfortable when they believe asite is secure and/or offers an excellent warranty; therefore, such information should be highly visible.Building trust from better known brands through testimonials and such are also effective measures and make visitors feel that much safer..   For most e-commerce websites, the three most important types of pages are the homepage, the category pages, and the product detail page.

Best Practices for the Homepage

Best Practices for the Category Pages

Best Practices for the Product Detail Pages

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