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By Beacon News | Published December 1, 2010 | Categories: Web Development

The following is a list of new features for Cascade Server 6.7

  • Recycle Bin - users can restore deleted assets.  Enough said!
  • Cross-site Move and Copy - allows users to re-organize assets in Sites and copy them across Sites
  • Rich Text Editor improvements - newer version of the TinyMCE editor with a re-written "paste" plugin for much improved pasting from Word documents and consistent UI between browsers
  • Unsaved changes warnings - users are warned before attempting to navigate away from pages with unsaved changes
  • SFTP/FTP compatibility improvements - more reliable publishing to a variety of different SFTP and FTP servers including Windows 2008's built-in FTP server.
  • Live View - preview the published version of pages at their public URL from within the application
  • XHTML/Data Definition Blocks - data definitions can be assigned to blocks to provide users the same form controls available in page editing when editing blocks
  • Variety of UI improvements to the application's main menus and help links
  • Support for the Google Chrome browser, the SQL Server 2008 database server, and Java 6

Reviewing these new features there are 3 that really excite me:

  • Recycle Bin - I have learned to live without a recycling bin within Cascade only by tiptoeing around deleting items. I know the recycling bin will play an important role when I need it.
  • Cross-site Move and Copy - I have wanted this since day 1 of the Sites feature. Now I don't have to recreate commonly used items for a new site. I would simply copy them over from existing sites. This Cross-site Move and Copy is one step closer to my dream feature of 'Copy Site' which would copy an entire site including administration items.
  • XHTML/Data Definition Blocks - This one is so great because it separates the Data Definition from the page allowing us to integrate different Modules like Photo Galleries into any page without the page being tied down to a specific data definition. So where we used to have multiple Data Definitions for an interior 2 column page like Interior 2 Column and Interior 2 Column with Photo Gallery we will now only need that initial Interior 2 Column. When we put the Data Definition on the XHTML/Data Definition block it allows us to make each Module mobile so that we can use it within any page of the site.

I feel these updates have opened multiple doors and I look forward to seeing how we use them.

Let's get to work!

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