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By Beacon News | Published December 26, 2010 | Categories: Web Development

We are ready. We are ready for a great 2010. This will be the most exciting year ever for Beacon Technologies and a very successful year for our Clients!

Why will 2010 be so great? Our People.

I am a Business Development Manager here at Beacon. I have been selling Beacon’s quality solutions for over 10 years and I have always been proud of our work with our focus on:
Website Design and Development
Web Marketing Services with Google Analytics
Cascade Server CMS Development
Managed Hosting

This year will be great for many reasons but the most important reason is the people working here. Never before have we been so smart with our approach, strategy, solutions and most importantly our people. We have very carefully and selectively grown our Web Marketing Team and we can confidently put our team up against the best web marketing minds in the business. We have an exceptional team of very smart, energetic, innovative, team-focused, and personable marketing experts. Beacon’s clients are now receiving expertise from a large group of experts that work as an organized team with synergy and collaboration.

I am confident that we can provide you with a well organized, carefully considered, innovative strategy! Our goal is to deliver a strong ROI so you want to continue to invest in our support.

Our Web Marketing Services include:
• Business Consulting
• Organic Optimization
• PPC Pay-Per-Click Management: Adwords Qualified Company
• Google Analytics: One of a handful of GAACs in the U.S.
• Website Conversion Optimization: One of a select few GWOs
• Return on Investment Reporting and Analysis
• Social Media Marketing: We have creative and innovative expertise on staff to support your SMM efforts.

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