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By Beacon News | Published December 30, 2010 | Categories: Web Development

About a week ago I was told that I'll be getting a new computer and that it will be an upgrade in performance, hardware, and software. Of course I was extremely excited about this but also started worrying about all my files and settings on my current computer. William, our Systems Administrator informed me some of my files were already being copied over. As we discussed what would and would not be transferred I realized I had no way to sync up my huge collection of Firefox add-on's. These tools are what make every job easier along with more thorough and efficient.

While searching solutions to this problem I knew I didn't want to use any kind of software or have to write down every add on and search and install each one I just wanted to kind of take the list with me and reinstall from there. My chosen solution to the problem was making a collection via Firefox add-on's and using Add-on Collector to sync it up. This is an add-on itself that allows you to share and sync your collections from Firefox. This made it extremely easy to create the list as well as sync it up to the new computer.

All in all I had 57 add-ons! Some I use daily and others I haven’t even had a chance to test drive.

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