2010 in Web Marketing...or What did I learn?

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By Beacon News | Published December 31, 2010 | Categories: Digital Marketing

When you (or in this case, I) do something for 365 days, a few lessons should manage to sink in.
  1. The the plans and priority items that you set on the first of the year will likely differ greatly from your focuses on the last.
  2. Appreciate, but don't fall in love with your analytics tools - something better will be available next year.
  3. Time on Twitter is rarely wasted - if it is important to your friends/followers, other people probably care about it too.
  4. It is ALWAYS possible to further optimize a PPC campaign.
  5. The only limits to testing are the limits to your own intelligence.  Okay, that is a little mean spirited, but not untrue.
  6. The Blue Ocean marketing strategy doesn't exist [for long].  There always is [or soon will be] competition for any solid plan.  You cannot hide success.
  7. Complicated marketing strategies are like (old school) Christmas lights.  If done properly they can work great, but one missing item (bulb) can destroy the whole thing.
  8. Remember that your clients goals are often more important than actual quantitative results.
  9. Web marketing is about putting your client in the best position to succeed, but it's not a guarantee for success.  This is actually an old marketing lesson, but it's important to remember year in and out.
  10. Not caring about New Year's festivities (and being caught in the middle of Oklahoma) gives one a good chance at making the final 2010 post on the company blog.

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